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Coconut & Chickpea Curry

Hey everyone! In my last post, I wrote about what I ate and promised you the recipe for my delicious coconut and chickpea curry. Well, here it is!

Recipe - Coconut chickpea curry
Double portion with paratha and brown rice

Ingredients (serves 3)

Tomato, 6 vine.
Onion, 1 large.
Garlic, 1 large clove.
Tumeric, 1/2tbsp.
Cumin, 1/2tbsp.
Curry Powder (this is the basic method), 1tbsp.
Broccoli, 1/2 floret.
Carrots, 2 chopped evenly.
Kale, 1 handful.
Chickpeas, 1 can (~400g cooked if not using can).
Coconut cream/milk, 1 small or 1/2 large can (I prefer using a small can of the cream for a thicker sauce).
Vegetable stock/boullion.
Hot sauce (optional).


    1. First up, find yourself a big pan. I use the Pyrex Slow Cook Casserole Pan (link to Amazon) as it allows me to make several portions at once.
    2. Next, you want to heat up the pan with no oil. Whilst it’s heating slice up your tomatoes into 4s or 6s, and dice the onion and garlic. When the pan is hot add the turmeric and cumin and dry fry.
    3. Add the coconut oil to the pan once the spices are fragrant. Allow the oil to heat up before adding the chopped veg, stirring occasionally until browned (5-7mins should do it).
    4. As the tomatoes begin to droop a little, add the stock, cover and allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes. You should see the tomatoes begin to lose their shape.
    5. Take your hand blender/Salter Nutri-Pro(you can do it in batches) and blend up to create an even consistency sauce. Pour it back into the pan and add the coconut cream, curry powder and optional hot sauce. (This is dependent on the curry powder you used too, don’t give in to peer pressure in regards to spiciness, your cooking, your choice! ? )
    6. Add in the carrots and broccoli (chopped into pieces smaller than a golf ball!) pop on the lid and simmer for 10 mins. As it is on the verge of softening add in the kale and chickpeas. Recover. Leave for another 5 minutes.
    7. Serve with your choice of side. I like mine so the veg still has a crunch and the kale is not soggy, however, feel free to alter the timings based on your preferences.
    8. Serve to all your friends, enjoy, bask in their awe. Take Instagram photos and tag @tommleach or #LeanVegan so I can check out your culinary creations! As always, any questions, head over to the Facebook page!

Vegan Bulking

Hey there! Thanks for coming back, or for joining if this is your first time… Either way, let’s do a quick recap. Right now I’m doing a pretty extreme bulking regime, which includes eating a tonne of wholesome, quality food and some intense workouts.

Long story short, to gain weight you have to consume more calories than you expend. You don’t need to take any PT exams to know that, right?! The more active your lifestyle and the more intense exercise you complete, the more you expend. That being said, my daily goal is around ~3,000Kcal, however, if I do a reasonable gym session (usually 5 times a week) it gets closer to 4,000Kcal. Now, a Vegan diet is generally quite light in calories, so I thought I’d share my diet with you. As I said before, this is a pretty extreme option and it doesn’t focus so much on leanness but more on swift results.

24-Hour Bulking Sample

I usually sleep from anywhere from 2am-3am and wake up around 9-10am. So breakfast gets served as quickly as possible (no fasted cardio in this bulking plan), I also skip a coffee here. If I drink it, it’ll be later in the day – maybe 1pm.

Lean Vegan Bulking Breakfast
Eagle-eyed readers may spot I shop at Tesco, yup, the Esso-partnered company. Sorry.

So, here is my breakfast. Almost too much porridge, with loads of Oatly (I love this brand and generally pay extra for it over others), a minimum of 1tablespoon of peanut butter and a healthy sprinkling of chia seeds. I often change my breakfast routine but this one has stuck with me recently, it’s really simple and nutritious. If you’re counting the ‘protein tho,bros’ you can add 21 points. We also have outrageous levels of fiber, antioxidants and some good old Omega-3&6 in there too. Breakfast DONE!

An uncharacteristically light lunch.
An uncharacteristically light lunch.

I wasn’t going to include today in the 24-hour sample, but then I figured what better way to show you my diet than when things go wrong? Our hob stopped working so I settled for soup and Kallo rice cakes. If you have never tried Kallo’s products they are great, they even do a Vegan chocolate thing, although I’ve never tried it.

Two bananas to finish off and get us to an acceptable calorie intake, too. I picked lentil soup because not only are lentils are a great source of potassium, calcium, zinc, niacin and vitamin K. They’re especially rich in dietary fiber, protein and iron. I fear there may actually be higher levels of sodium than the value listed.
Note: I did actually have a smoothie 30mins after this and you can find that in the Snacks section.

Lean Vegan Bulking Dinner

So this was my Famous Spicy Chickpea & Coconut curry  but I broke it down so you could see the ingredients. The weird measurements are due to me making large batches and preparing portions earlier. This would usually be my post-gym meal and that’s why it’s so large, although 1000kcal meals are quite normal for me. We don’t really need to talk about all the amazing benefits of the individual veg in here, instead, I will talk about how to improve this. The paratha can be a little oily/fatty etc, you could change this for a chapatti or other substitute. Brown rice can be changed to Black rice which has slightly better nutritional profiles. I would prefer to use different chickpeas, although the profile listed here doesn’t highlight too much sodium, I still have an inherent dislike for canned items. It’s probably largely unfounded.

Lean Vegan Snacks
Please, only use the first four in a smoothie.

I generally buy frozen avocado halves (found at Tesco) because they are fantastic value for money and keep a lot better. Add in two bananas and a handful of blueberries. Usually I wouldn’t add yoghurt in as the smoothie is quite thick anyway, however, after my light lunch (which this was consumed shortly after) I opted for a few more calories, added a little more water and made a larger (just under 600ml) smoothie. I find this ratio is pretty perfect, it has a light hint of blueberries but it isn’t too sweet and has some great nutritional aspects. At 650Kcal it’s perfect for bulking up.
The five hash browns, beans and another Avo half (I didn’t add this on, whoops!) are because I was working late and I am a horrible greedy person.


So, there we go. Adding the extra peanut butter and Avo half we get to 4,000Kcal. For anyone following this blog, please, don’t try and jump in consuming this level of food if you usually eat 2300Kcal. Eat at a level that is right for you, exercise hard and your body will let you know when you need to eat. Obviously, if you’re bulking up you’ll need to eat slightly more often as you’re supplying your body with a slight excess. I understand that makes little sense and is super convoluted but if you have questions jump over to the Facebook page and just ask!